Xavo Professional Suite

Xavo Professional Suite is an integrated software platform for R&D and production that combines planning and execution functionality, thus allowing users to better react to changing conditions, increase overall quality and efficiency and collaboratively make better decisions.


Xavo Professional Suite comes with many standard features out-of-the-box:
• Demand Planning (S+OP)
• Production Planning & Scheduling (APS)
• ISA-95 compliant MES system
• Configurable workflows
• Collaboration tools


Xavo Professional Suite is a data-driven system. Subject matter experts can configure the system without the need for programming.
Masterdata management and integration with other systems is made easy by builtin tools and wizards.


Xavo Professional Suite combines the simplicity of a smartphone app with the power of an enterprise software system. Latest web technologies make sure it is available where and when you need it, on your PC, your handheld and in the cloud. Getting the job done was never easier.


Xavo Professional Suite is built to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) while maintaining flexibility and allowing for innovation. Continuous deployment features help getting the latest configurations and features into field in the simplest and most cost-effective way.

What practitioners say about Xavo Professional Suite

  • "Xavo Professional Suite turned out to be an excellent springboard for our project. It allowed for a faster implementation and allowed us to meet our objectives in terms of budget, quality and time."

    Tobias FeilerProject Manager
  • "Our customers are extremely happy with the Xavo system. We see a very high adoption rate and notice improved collaboration which in turn helps to deliver better business results."

    Andreas WeberPresales Consultant
  • "Xavo has demonstrated that it allows customers to innovate faster and deliver predictable results while keeping overall cost of ownership under control."

    Ralf SonnefeldManager


Learn why customers decided to use Xavo Professional Suite and read about their business success.


Our focus is to deliver business value to our customers. When engaging in a project we first build a business case together with our customers that is centered around a number of qualitative and quantitative improvements that can be obtained over and above industry standard. This way we ensure that a successful implementation of Xavo Professional Suite gives our customers a competitive edge in their markets.

Qualitative improvements

In many industries regulatory and tax compliance is a precondition for companies to operate. From FDA‘s 21 CFR part 11 on electronic records and electronic signature over GLP/GMP in Pharma to TPD in Tobacco – with Xavo Professional Suite you can make sure you meet all regulatory requirements.
For many companies the flexibility is key in which they can react to changing market conditions. With the planning functions of Xavo Professional Suite it is possible to see all options at a glance and make better decisions on how to deal with change as it occurs.
Before you can start improving the performance of your operations you have to know what‘s going on. You identify weaknesses and then plan on how overcome them. Xavo Professional Suite provides you with the tools that allow you to see and understand – and then make right decisions. It‘s the perfect tool for keeping track of improvements and their impact on business results over time.
In today‘s fast-paced world speed is a competitive advantage that is not to be underestimated. Studies show that companies that are able to react faster to market changes and events in operations create higher customer satisfaction and are delivering better business results. Xavo Professional Suite gives you the advantage of knowing the impact of changes to your plan before they happen – so you can react faster and before others do.

Quantitative improvements

Inventory turnover

30 %

Equipment utilization

10 %

Energy efficiency

20 %

Lead time improvement

40 %

Supply chain efficiency

15 %

Planning efficiency

90 %


Resource Library

Xavo Professional Suite OverviewXavo Professional Suite WhitepaperPress Release - April 2017"Time for a smarter Industry" - article TJI 12/16


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Online Support

As a user of Xavo Professional Suite you can reach us 24/7
at support@xavo.com for help.


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