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Software. Dedicated to People.

Dedicated to People.

We strive to make our customers successful with our products Xavo Plant Scheduling and Xavo Lab Logistics, which are applied in the field of research, development and production.

Xavo is optimizing business processes and delivers the fitting software for this. It is our main goal to enable the operators of our solutions to be more creative, more productive and more satisfied.

Software solutions in the field of Industry 4.0


Xavo Software

Our software solutions support technologys for industry 4.0

The industrial sector in Germany, Western Europe and the United States is rebounding. Industry 4.0 and the Internet of things (IoT) promise a sustainable manufacturing renaissance, which is based on software technology and its profound effect on the entire manufacturing value chain.


A new generation of software-powered systems will increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility of manufacturing which will in turn lead to a powerful new cycle of growth: an era of virtual-to-real manufacturing.


Xavo supports both virtual (planning) and real (fulfillment) aspects of the new-generation manufacturing. Our products Xavo Plant Scheduling and Xavo Lab Logistics support companies in the fields of research, product development and production.

Xavo Plant Scheduling

Xavo Plant Scheduling.

Our Factory Management Solution.

Xavo Plant Scheduling (XPS) allows real-time production assistance following the principles of Industry 4.0.
We assists the teams in production, inventory management, quality assurance and maintenance to manage daily production as efficient as possible.

Xavo Lab Logistics

Xavo Lab Logistics.

Our Sample Management Solution.

Xavo Lab Logistics (XLL) offers complete sample management and assists planning, execution and monitoring of lab activities as diverse as screening, compound management or cell culture. It integrates smoothly with existing lab IT systems and lab automation devices.


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Xavo at Hannover Messe 2017

Xavo at Hannover Messe 2017

Visit us at the Hannover Messe, one of the largest industrial trade shows, from 24.04. – 28.04.

Meet us at booth Hall 7/B03 in order to experience our Enterprise Software for integrated planning and production execution hands-on. See what an ISA S95-compatible MES system with integrated real-time planning and scheduling capabilities can do for you. Our recently updated suite of software products allows you to plan ahead and manage your operations anticipating future constraints and respond to unforeseen changes more rapidly. This is Industry 4.0 at its best!

We´re looking forward to seeing you in Hannover.

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If you have any questions or are looking for more information regarding our Software Solutions please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.


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