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Life Sciences Solutions

Applications of Xavo Professional Suite in the area of Drug Research



Xavo Professional Suite helps Cell Biologists to model and to schedule their activities efficiently and guides its users to execute it in time. With Xavo Professional Suite our clients stay on top of things, collaborate with research groups and react to changes in the plan in time to increase the reliability and trust in their cell deliveries.

With Xavo Professional Suite the screener can model the flow of material of compounds, proteins, cells, buffers and lab consumables and specify the equipment types for every type of assay. The real-time planning Gantt visualizes the current plan and allows its users to share the expensive equipment and as a result increase the utilization.

Xavo Professional Suite helps to ensure the proper orchestration of all activities from sample reception to proper storage and fulfilment of sample requests. It improves transparency with tools like the real-time gantt chart and supports planning with optimization goals like reduction of tip usage or number of intermediate plates.


Our Life Sciences customers need to differentiate their offering with new and innovative products meeting exactly the demands and regulations of the target market. This actually leads to a huge variety of different formulas, processes and products which need to be efficiently planned, developed, controlled and executed.

Xavo Professional Suite comes with many planning and execution features helping to keep track of complex production plans and flexibly react to unforeseen events or changes of the plan.


In the Life Sciences environment, new products must be efficiently developed, tested, controlled and produced.

Xavo Professional Suite helps eliminating inefficiencies in laboratories and operations. For example, an optimized production plan can reduce cycle times in laboratory environments by still maintaining the required flexibility, or the raw material inventory can be optimized based on real time material consumption data.


Supporting different kind of user groups – like operators or shift supervisors – is key in realizing optimizations. Optimization can only be achieved when all team members exactly know what to do how and when, and the necessary information is provided in real time.

Xavo Professional Suite provides configurable workflows, allowing all users to get heir job done in the best possible way. This also supports in meeting the required regulatory compliance level.


To all companies in the Life Sciences market applies: the broader the product portfolio and the more complex production operations become, the more important it is to exactly know what’s happening and why it happened.

Xavo Professional Suite gives access to all relevant information at all stages the process – from laboratory processes to process planning and execution, filling and packaging up to production declaration. Those are the tools needed to take decisions on what and how to optimize – from both product and production perspective.