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Supply Chain Compliance solutions for the Tobacco industries

Xavo Professional Suite supports in streamlining and optimizing production and quality control processes.


Inventory items need a sophisticated management. Properties like bill of materials, product characteristics, formulas or recipes need to be managed. Furthermore, the inventory management needs to be seamlessly integrated with the production planning process. Xavo Professional Suite enables the planning and execution of inventory operations in real-time. Forecasts regarding production behavior based on real-time and historical data can be calculated, and the stock for each material or SKU is visible at any point in time, even as a prediction for the future. This creates a new level of transparency for our customers in the Tobacco Industries and allows them to establish an optimized material call-off process and a better support for MRP runs.



To have all required resources available at the right place, the right time and in the desired quality, a reliable production planning process is a fundamental prerequisite. Xavo Professional Suite not only plans based on machine or line availability but takes material and staff availability into consideration as well. Even external references, like unique ID’s which need to be printed on the product packages, can play an important role when calculating the plan. The result is an optimized yet dynamic production schedule. This means the schedule is updated in real time to visualize deviations between plan and the real production execution. This helps our customers reacting quickly and efficiently to production issues and streamlining the production processes.



A proper planning and executing of the equipment set-ups and changeovers mean gaining productivity. Xavo Professional Suite supports the controlled end of running production orders on certain equipment including the needed material booking processes. It receives production order data from the shop floor systems (e.g. process control systems or label printing) and stores them in the data repository. Next, XPS supports the controlled start of a new production order on an equipment including all relevant supplying processes (material, personnel, data), thus ensuring a smooth start of the production order.

To ensure an optimized schedule in terms of changeovers already during the planning and scheduling process, XPS provides a changeover matrix, which contains important parameters for changeover times or cleaning sequences. In this way, changeovers can be reduced to a minimum, and the product sequence in terms of cleaning requirements can be optimized.



Being compliant becomes crucial for the Tobacco Industry. Different regulations must be followed, and various rules have to be implemented to be allowed to sell tobacco products in the different markets. Xavo Professional Suite helps establishing compliant production processes. On the one hand side, it helps managing the unique identification on different packaging levels (like e.g. packs, outers, mastercases) and supports the reporting of a corresponding product hierarchy, on the other hand side it generates a full product genealogy for tracking and tracing the products along the entire production chain. These records even include all relevant product and production data captured from the shop floor equipment during production execution.

All this is managed through flexible and configurable workflows, which ensure the correct execution of production and packaging processes according to the regulations. This helps ensuring a high level of product safety and a cost-effective approach to meeting the various compliancy requirements.